We have been selected to join the Handpicked Accountants network, a digital hub that houses highly esteemed accountancy firms with a well-established presence across the UK.  Recognised for our unique service offering and highly geared attitude to small business accounting, we are a renowned accountant in Clevedon, and now a Handpicked Accountant.

Handpicked Accountants is an online network established for business owners and individuals looking for an accountant in a specified location. The team behind Handpicked are well versed in the art of accountancy and actively work in the financial services and insolvency sector. The vision of Handpicked Accountants is to uncover accountants that are leading the way and bolstering a new generation of business owners and entrepreneurial thinkers.

Founded in 2019 by Rachel Finch, our team of highly decorated accountants are committed to delivering an exemplary service tailored to your exact needs. With offices in Somerset and Cardiff, we support both individuals and businesses with their accounting and tax affairs, including limited companies, sole traders, and partnerships.

Our understanding is that each business is as unique and distinct as its owner, which is why our services stem outside of the confines of those typically offered by an accountant. In addition to our traditional accountancy offering, we also offer three highly specialised areas of expertise. This includes tax advice for US citizens living in the UK, Creative Industry Tax Reliefs and Research & Development Tax Credits.

    Looking for Accountancy or Tax advice?

    To learn more about the services we provide, please click here. Alternatively, you can send a message to the team now.

    “The Finch & Associates team provide an outstanding service to both individuals and businesses, spearheaded by an industry veteran with almost 30 years of hands-on experience. Working at some of the South West’s leading accountancy practices, Rachel has earned unwavering loyalty, backed by the development of her own firm.”

    David Tattersall

    Head of Client Relations, Handpicked Accountants